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The Shark Tank Experience

It was an amazing experience being on the Shark Tank. We are very excited to introduce our innovative Vortex Vaults Storm Shelter Beds to residents of the U.S. We believe our products will bring an all new way of protecting many families across the country from extreme weather events as well as bring added security in other situations such as home invasions. Contact us for more information or for a quote.

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Above Ground Storm Shelter Solutions Without Sacrificing Space 

The Vortex Vaults Tornado Shelter Bed is an innovative new technology that allows for in-home protection from severe weather without sacrificing any additional space in your home. It is manufactured in Oklahoma but available throughout the United States via our dealer network. The storm shelter bed allows many advantages over traditional in-ground and above ground shelters and can be moved to a new home when you relocate. It is also the perfect solution for wheelchair and mobility scooter users as well as those with limited mobility as they can easily access the shelter without the danger of accessing steps.

 Scroll Features

2 Storm Shelters Styles Available

Slope Protection

38 Inch Height Protection

Full Three Stage Protection

57 Inch Height Protection

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"Have to give a little testimonial about our Life Lift Systems/Vortex Vaults Okc storm shelter! Last night we had to get in, and have visitors from out of town, so more people at our house than usual! We had 4 adults, 1 9 year old, and 2 dogs, and we were all shocked at how comfortable and not claustrophobic it was in there!! Plus, we were still able to get our wifi and 4G." - Corinne Williams